He was Unexpected

Every day of every month, of every year, we walk through life full of curiosity…. life itself is a curiosity.  We travel through time with knowing the unknown.  Our judgments are constantly being questioned about what will happen next and what God has planned out for us. What we are intimidated by is the understanding of our phenomenon……..  But you’d be surprised what the unexpected has prepared for us, and that’s what makes us look forward in life. The unknown accidents that just emerge into our lives can have such a great effect, that we are even taken back at it. Just like him…

He is standard. Like any other teenage boy on this planet, he appears to look like the typical average male. His main objective in life revolves around just finding happiness within and getting through reality. When I first talked to him online, it was unexpected. We were both still random strangers at the time, but as we began to keep up a conversation, it seemed that we were compatible. I continue to treasure that discussion until this day. I knew his intentions in the beginning weren’t to just hook up with me, but to have me as a friend and surely enough, I’m glad he was the one who messaged me first. After almost one month of knowing him, our relationship had blossomed very quickly. Even though it’s been a short period of time I’ve known this person, I feel like he’s become a big part of my life. Our friendship is matched like a Yin-Yang. We are interconnected, both of opposites but together it’s a balance of everything.  “Shadow cannot exist without light”, and he was my light. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today….. He accompanied through my darkest days as I was drowning in my own sea of troubles and I couldn’t be more blessed to have someone care for me. It’s been ages since I’ve met an individual who I feel most comfortable with, but luckily, I found him.  In my eyes, he is just so brilliant, funny, and talented. Writing is his passion, and even though he may disagree, I want to be the individual to change that. Before I’d known him, I never wrote at all. Words are simple…. put them together they can be made into a masterpiece…. Put these masterpieces side by side to one another, they form into a gallery full of beautiful pieces of art, each containing their own thought, memory, question or wish. He created his own art gallery and I couldn’t be more fortunate to be the first one to witness. He was the creator, and I was the observer.

Five years down the road, I’ll be 21 and he will be 23….both of us will be in either in College or University pursuing our dreams, but I hope that it doesn’t  get in the way of us keeping in touch. I don’t ever want to let him go, because so many people have left my life leaving me stranded alone…. and nothing feels worse than having the person you love the most walk out of your life so suddenly. I want to be there for him when he’s feeling down, and listen to those bitter stories he’s hides so well. I want to be able to go on adventures with him because I know where ever we go, I will always be content. One day I want to be able to hold his hand, and see what it is like to feel the warmth of his touch. I know that along the way, he will become the reason behind my tears, the reason behind my smile, and the reason why I continue living life.  I care for him deeply, and I’m pleased with what we have now. I’m suspicious of what the future has in stored for us, but I know that through thick and thin, no matter what happens, that a part of us will always have each other. I’m so grateful to have met him. 09/23/14


Maybe a path of a thousand stars would be enough to meet you.